A few quick scribbles

I doodle!! A lot!! Doodling just makes the most boring meeting or telephone conversation so very interesting. You should definitely try it some time!

Remember when you were small? Remember how in art class you sometimes drew scribbles, colored them in different colors with wax crayons. Then cover the whole thing in black. And then made magic by scratching out pictures which appear in all different colors? Great fun!! And even though I new exactly how it happened, I found it just awesome every time! And yes, that is sort of where the inspiration for the homepage image came from.

But. I said a FEW quick scribbles and I’m not gonna talk much today. Just want to show a few scribbles I made at the bench a few weeks ago.


One of the designs which probably originated during some really boring and endless meeting! But enduring it all was obviously worth it. This shall be listed in my Etsy shop shortly.

A bracelet matching the ‘selfish’ necklace. I’m still deciding whether I shall risk good relationships by making one or 2 more of these.

Two more of the recent doodles. This time in oxidized copper to get a really dark finish. I particularly like the contrast with the golden shades of the brass scribbles.

A smaller version of the earrings listed at the top of the page. These are lighter and for those of you with the really weak earlobes 🙂

And then something which is not for sale (yet). Because I am really selfish! The links had all been made by hand and a lot of hammering went into this. Not sure whether my partner and the neighbors were so happy at the time, but they are still talking to me….. The links were made out of copper wire and afterwards oxidized.

And last but not least, 2 pairs of earrings from quite a while ago, but which I now think, fits perfect in with the more recent scribbles!

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