A glittering end to 2012

So, this is it then. The end of 2012. And we're still here! Us and the Mayas. Leaving me with time to bring to life a few more of the ideas that I have still cropped up in my head!

And what a glittering year end this was!!

For the past 8 years I’ve been going to metalsmithing class at the Art School in my local town. Although we have total freedom in what we design and make, we do get a few projects during the year which always turns out to be great fun since everyone has his or her own way of interpreting the theme of the project.

This time the theme was ‘Schitteren’, which when translated from dutch means ‘glitter’ or ‘twinkle’.


Starry night ring


Brass and copper ring with 3 bezel set cubic zirconias

I think that everyone associates the word ‘twinkle’ with ‘a little star’. So that is why I decided on designing something to fit in with my already existing series of Starry Night items.

The ring was made out of brass and copper. The copper then oxidized to this black finish which makes the golden colors of the ‘stars’ stand out.

Tiny pieces of polished brass and 3 bezel set cubic zirconias imitate the shining stars in the night sky.


And the beautiful work and very creative designs of my fellow art students.

arrow-right Martijn


Red candle in a silver bowl ring


Exhibited in a colorful cluster of wax


Martijn concentrating while hammering on a new project at the anvil

arrow-right Joke


Joke at the soldering station finishing the last touches of “the beast”.


Putting it all together……


2-layered silver cross with bezel set cubic zirconia


Joke’s beast

arrow-right Sandra


Sandra already working on the next project.


Sandra’s silver engraved bowl pendant.

arrow-right Christy


About to do some serious sanding.


Christmas gifts for lucky little girls


Christie’s brass ring with polished silver off-cuts and filings.


And setting stones to complete a few Christmas gifts.

arrow-right Liesbeth


Liesbeth´s Simplicity brooch. Silver and tiny faceted rubies. (And ‘Simplicity’ certainly does not refer to the production process of this pretty piece!)


Liesbeth doing some last minute filing.


And just one more hole to drill …..

arrow-right And then a gallery of my fellow class mates at work. Irene, Talita and Agnes only joined our group in September this year and did not take part in Project ‘Schitteren’.

Click to enlarge the images and use the right and left arrow keys to browse through them.

All these pieces and much more are on display at art school, Scholen in de Kunst, 58 Conninckstraat, Amersfoort, untill the end of January 2013.


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