About cowhide

There is something acout cowhide.... especially the brown- or black-and-white ones. One could almost think 'who in is right mind would go and paint an animal that way' !!

And that is just the beauty of it!  I’ve always been fascinated by color.  And how, if you look closely, you can find the most wonderful combinations of color in nature.

While I was reviewing all my jewelry photos and uploading them onto my new website, I came across these earrings and pendant which I had made during the first or second year that I have started taking metalsmithing classes.

It was made as part of a student assignment.  Not that we had ever been forced to take part in these assignments, but I love the challenge of making something according to specifications and then see the outcome  –  how every single student has produced something totally different, how no 2 creative minds think alike. A great way to get inspired!! Here you can see more views of the cowhide pendant.

In this case, we had to search ordinary photos from magazines to find interesting negative spaces and then use those in designing a piece of jewelry. I unfortunately did not keep the original photos that I used, but I remember that it came from a magazine about the outdoors and I chose the negative shapes from in between grass and flowers from a photo of cows in the meadows.

All worked out well since I had bits and pieces of cowhide which I, at the time, was dying to incorporate in one of my designs.

The earrings can also be viewed as part of my AllSorts collection.

I’ve now build up a small collection of bits and pieces of leather and hide which I’ve started using in my Tin Tin Treasures collection, i.e. this pair of earrings.

And to end this blog,  I included a few cow\cattle photo’s from my travel albums. Photo’s which also bring back wonderful memories of places I’ve visited.

Cattle Bwejuu beach Zanzibar

Masaai men herding cattle on Bwejuu beach in Zanzibar

Hiking the dutch country side

On a day hike in the Dutch country side somewhere in central Holland

Scottisch cow

And representing Scotland! Not sure how this would work in any piece of jewelry!

Longhorns Fort Worth, Texas

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