About me

Behind the bench

Behind the bench

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by colour and texture.  As a little girl I used to take card board and cut out earrings, pendants, bangles an brooches, decorated it with what ever I could find and came up with very inventive ways to attach it to my ears, fingers and arms.  I dreamt of becoming a jewelry designer but when the time came to make a career choice in the late 70’s, I chose the world that had just opened up to us and have been working in IT since.  I enjoy being a database administrator but my passion is the time I spend at my workbench.

Fourteen years ago I left South Africa to spend some time in Europe to experience life outside my place of birth and other than planned, I settled in Holland.  In 2004 I attended my first metal smithing class, found my destiny and haven’t stoppend!  I am now collecting tools and materials and have many stunning ideas to last me a life time.

Just maybe, my hobby could one day become much more than just a hobby.

I shall keep you posted…….

Making jewelry, a passion……

I have a passion to design and make unique pieces of jewelry and endless love and patience go into each and every creation.

Although I admire and respect many other jewelry designers, I am proud to say that the pieces in my collection are my own designs. My inspiration comes from around me – nature, art and architecture, thinking and dreaming about what I would like to wear myself.

My pieces are hand made and definitely not “mass production perfect”. For the same reason I cannot guarantee delivery of all objects as displayed on this site but know that I will try my best to accommodate your order.

Please visit my Etsy Webshop if you wish to order something or else contact me.

If you live in The Netherlands, alternative methods of payment can be discussed.