Art Fair 2013

It’s June again and time for another Art Festival of our local Art School.


This time round we shall be joining the rest of town and our festival will be part of the first occurence of the Amersfoortse Havendagen (Amersfoort Port Festival). This will all be happening on and around the newly developed Eemplein and Eemhaven. The festival starts on Friday June 21 and we will have our stall on the Eemplein on Sunday, June 23. Do pop in if you just happen to be in the vicinity.

I’ve been pretty busy lately. producing a few items for the stall. This year I’m setting up the stall with only items from my Tin Tin Treasures series.

8 X 3leave earrings

Which now includes a few unevenly enameled dangles with gem stone beads which was great fun to make.


And these ones made out of bottle caps of Chang Beer from Thailand of which we enjoyed quite a few bottles during our vacation there last October.


And a few items using stoneware, gemstones or organic finds.





And now back to the bench. Thanks for visiting!

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