Jaw tingling sherbet shades

Tasting jaw-tingling sour flavors of sherbet and sugus, imagining the matching neon bright colors.....


DonĀ“t you get cramping jaws by just looking at these sour shades? I used to love those packets of sherbet which made your teeth tingle!



And those lollipops with the sherbet filled centers! This is exactly what inspired these.


As is clear by what you see on my website and in my Etsy shop, I love trying out different things. This month I had the urge to play around with these neon sherbet kinds of colors and this was the result.




This was achieved by first putting aluminum sheet through my rolling mill, again and again, to get a really thin and lightweight base. These I painted with acrylics. Then did a bit of hammering and sanding to get slightly more interesting textures. And eventually covered everything in a protective layer to prevent the paints from chipping off too easily.




Since aluminum cannot be soldered, all joints are cold connections And since aluminum is already light and had been rolled out quite thinly, these are extremely light weight earrings, which for some reason make them even more fun to wear.





By now I have sort of stopped eating sherbet and sherbet filled lollipops.

This does not mean that I’ve completely stopped eating bright colored sweets!

My current addictions are these brightly colored dutch drop!

And yes, I was certainly drawn to these by the beautiful bright colors, but also by the cute name they go by! ‘Troetelzoete bakkies’ which roughly translates to ‘Cuddling sweet trucks’.

They are produced by Autodrop with the slogan ‘Lekker absurd‘ (absurdly good tasting).

And now back to the bench to start working on something completely different…..

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