Labradorite and lovely memories

This all started on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, just off the west coast of Thailand.


We had a wonderful holiday there last year and spent a week lazing around the beautiful island . A week of swimming, diving and browsing the shops selling brightly neon colored t-shirts all in the spirit of the monthly Full Moon Parties!

Nature Art Gallery

While wondering around the streets one night, we came across this little jewelry shop where I spent a little more time than planned and ended up buying 2 labradorite cabochons (most probably imported from somewhere far away, but who cares?).


Labradorite being one of my favorite stones I decided to be really selfish and make something for myself to always remind me of a wonderful holiday.


I love the blue and green shades and decided to combine it with freshwater pearls in similar blue colors to slightly enhance the blue.


And wanting to hide as little possible of the stones, I cut leave shapes out the back plates. Which also make them a little transparent.


And here they are! Almost exactly what I had in mind! With hmmmm, antique-ish charm ? And not, not for sale! Although, on special request, something similar can be produced since I did enjoy making them.

And a few more Koh Panghan memories

Have a wonderful weekend!

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