Letting go of Summer

It's not that I don't like Autumn, it's just that it's happening at the wrong time of year!

September 1 st is the first day of Spring! Or thats how it used to be for a large part of my life. Then I moved to the northern hemisphere and everything got switched around. Gone are the days of celebrating my birthday in June serving large bowls of soup while the fire is crackling in the fire place. Or celebrating Christmas outside around a bbq fire while jumping in and out of the swimming pool.


And now it’s THAT time of year again …….  The mere thought of  long and depressingly dark and cold winter days was more than enough reason to urge myself to think and talk and write about all things sun-related.  So I found a few pictures of sunflowers that I’ve taken not so long ago and got all inspired.  It also reminded me of my series of aluminum and perspex flower rings of which the tube riveted sunflower is still the favorite.



And then I decided that I do have to use the sunflower pics in a blog. And then I totally got into a sunflower mode and developed a temporary addiction and could think of nothing else.  In between meetings at work I doodled a simple design to use in a pair of earrings.


Because of its yellowness I chose brass for the leaves and the centers were cut out of textured copper which colors so nicely when being oxidized.  The results were almost exactly what I had in mind – which does not happen that often!

I also got curious about if it would work as a ring and tried that too.  The sunflower ring and earrings shall be listed in my Etsy shop as part of the AllSorts collection.  Or browse the sunflowers in the AllSorts collection on this site for more pictures.



And when I said ‘all inspired’ I meant ALL!  It did not stop at the jewelry. I then wanted to decorate this blog with a few sunflower stamps which I quickly cut and stamped and shall certainly use again in future to stamp gift tags or wrapping paper.

I’ve always loved hand cut stamps and have cut quite a few in the past.  Then I read in the Dutch Flow magazine about the blog of Gertie Jaquet who started (and finished!) a project of cutting at least one stamp a day for every day of 2012!  More inspiration than a lover of stamps could ever wish for!  I still visit her blog at least once a weak and would love to attend one of her workshops.



But winter does have a positive side!  Lots of thick, soft and very colorful scarves, many glasses of red wine at the fire place, and having a lot more time to spend inside behind my work bench!  Or writing and putting together blog stories which I so enjoy doing!


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