All about those very special memories from a long time ago and not being able to let go of things which remind you of thereof.

The lace of my mother’s wedding dress

The lace of my mother’s wedding dress

The lace of my mother’s wedding dress for instance.

The dress was made back in 1956 and we’re talking quality cotton lace. Fortunately (I guess) my mother decided to make our christening dress out of her wedding dress. So, I’m only stuck with a little bundle of pieces of lace instead of a whole wedding dress! And of course, the memories of a wonderful mother …..

Then, at art school, we got the assignment to design an item of jewelry using anything which brings back special memories and I knew it at once! Wedding lace! Perfect, since I only need a tiny little piece and do therefore not really have to let go of my little bundle! And so it all started……..

As time went by, my ideas kind of got out of hand and many hours went into the design and re-design as new ideas came to mind or new objects were discovered.

Pretty obvious that these memories would take me way back to where I grew up and where I still think my soul belongs. And to many other wonderful places that I’ve visited since.

It wasn’t hard to dig up a few other items which I thought fit the design perfectly and which have special memories of places I’ve been to or where my heart lies.

Click on the images to see where my travels took me.  Use the right and left arrow keys to browse through the images.

Bits and pieces of old jewelry and leftovers\disasters of other jewelry projects were added, but in such a way that there would always be space for another little something with special value.


The result – My Memories


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