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My new website!! My little space where I can keep track of my creations and share wonderful experiences.

I now have the opportunity to talk whenever I feel like it, (which is quite often, really) , expressing myself without inhibitions to the odd soul who happens to stumble across this world of mine. Or to good friends who shall be lovingly spammed by Facebook updates or private emails to pay a little attention!

Some of you might remember this:

My first website

My first website

My first site which I put together myself with the help of my technical skilled partner, but which became a little dated due to my lack of knowledge and experience in the world of webdesign.

I’ve been wanting a new website for a while now and a few weeks ago finally knocked on the door of a good friend and web-designer. After lots of cups of coffee and lots of website- and non-website-related chats, this is what we came up with. I stayed up late a few evenings editing old photos and making new ones and she broke her head to come up with the artistic side of things and at the same time satisfy my crazy and often slightly over-the-top ideas. The results make me so very happy that I can only say ‘Thanks again Marié for the time and patience you’ve put into this!’

More of Marié’s creative ideas and hard work can be seen here:

MarieAlice Webdesign

I’m already itching to write more stories and share what I currently have lying around on my workbench. But also to sometimes share non-jewelry-related happenings or things which are just too wonderful to keep only to myself.

Painting Winifred Louw

Painting Winifred Louw

We are currently experiencing a few bright and sunny days here in Holland resulting in beautiful scenery of all things green against a backdrop of beautiful, ancient buildings – ideal for a next homepage picture!

The painting which we’ve used on this first homepage blog item, is the work of a South African artist, Winifred Louw. I bought the painting in the mid 1990’s while I still lived in South Africa and it has therefor always had special meaning to me.

I’ve also always felt that, in a way, I could so relate to the lady sitting on the porch stairs, daydreaming while being surrounded by brightly colored bougainvilla.

Thanks for visiting and do come again!!

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  1. Corrie Belgraver August 11, 2012

    Well done! So proud to own a few of your masterpieces.

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