Pretty Powerful Powders

I got to play around with enamel powders last week! And oh what fun it was!

I’ve always loved enamel, but then brightly colored and on mugs, plates and coffee pots!!. Pretty and colorful floral designs, easily chipped leaving black or grey base metals showing through! Things I grew up with which have now become ….Vintage!


Fish, enameled on both sides. Not too bad for a first attempt!

Enamel jewelry, on the other hand, always brought up memories of rather boring designs in basic and boring browns and oranges. Fortunately, I got a totally different idea in recent years being able to admire beautiful enamel jewelry on websites and especially jewelry boards on Pinterest. So, being a lover of color, I jumped to enroll when I got the chance to take part in a Enameling Workshop at our local Art School. And I wasn’t disappointed!


White and blue


Mint green and lilac

We had been taught by Christine van der Ree, a goldsmith from Amsterdam who specializes in enameling.


Tools, equipment and many beautiful colors to get us all inspired!

She brought along many examples of different techniques and quickly got us all inspired.


Lovely colors to choose from and then hope you get similar results!

My favorite was a piece of copper foil, enameled and painted with clay which then got baked into the enamel. Afterwards excess clay are sanded off until you get the desired results.


Christine’s lovely example of the enamel and clay baked technique. My favourite!

Unfortunately, one day is just much too short to try out everything I would have liked to and there was just too much information to be able to remember everything. Christine teaches a variety of courses and I seriously consider doing another day- or even weekend course to get slightly more into things.


My attempt at the enamel and clay technique which I will certainly try again!


The last experiment of the day and not quite completed.

I am happy with a few of the experiments I did and would love to use this technique to incorporate more color into my designs.


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  1. nauli February 12, 2013

    Such an inspiring post! Our cable for the enamel ofen is broken. We just realized it, when we pulled everything out of the box.
    We had so much fun in making our own enamel jewelry when we’re teens. Would be awesome to discover new techniques.

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