Tin Tin Birdy

Initial inspiration. Colorful South African postage stamps which I gathered over the years that I’ve been living far away from friends and family.

I found these just too beautiful to throw away and finally get to put them to good use in a creative way. (Which is my favorite way to use lovely gooddies!)


Tin Tin Bird design

It all starts with a simple pencil drawing.

It almost always starts with a simple pencil drawing. Trying to put what’s going on in my mind, to paper. And making little changes until I get the feeling that it has progressed into something which can actually become a real piece of jewelry.

Then I explore my stash of beads to find colors and interesting bits and pieces which I think would go well with the design. And eventually I search for findings and wire to tie everything together. In this case, from my box of found and recycled wires and metal bits.

Off cuts of steel plate was used as backing for the bird stamp and afterwards covered with a protective layer. The glass, metal and wooden beads were attached with left over bits of different types of wire and then blackened with patina. To add even more brightness, I added the colored and leather feathers which I though goes really nicely with the whole bird theme!

Tin Tin Birdy Pendant

And the final results!


As a surprise and owner’s secret, I added a little text to the back. In this case, text cut out from an old Dutch children’s book. “Mijn zangvogeltje moet je blijven” roughly translates to “please forever be my little songbird”.


Tin Tin Birdy Back View

Text on back of pendant


The children’s book was baught from an antique bookstore with the very fitting name of ‘Het ezelsoor’ (The donkey’s ear) and is called “Onder een dak” (Under one roof) by Henriette Blaauw. Not being Dutch myself, I must admit that I have never before heard of this book or the author, but never the less enjoyed reading through it in search of something suitable.


Childrens book

Dutch Childrens book.


Although it took quite a bit of time, I really enjoyed putting this together and am already working on similar items. The bird stamp pendant shall be listed in my Etsy Shop shortly as part of my Tin Tin Treasures collection.


Tin TIn Bird Pendant

A colorful bird pendant!





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