Trillions of Tins!

About a vintage tin exhibition in a Karoo farm kitchen and how it can go on forever.......


IdealMilk There are quite a few things that my sister can do really, really well! But top of the list is certainly the act of collecting tins!

She’s been at it for years now and I fear the day that the rest of the family has to move out to make room for even more tins!


Weetbix She is also a lover of antiques and the farmhouse kitchen (which is about the size of half our entire little dutch house) can easily be mistaken for a museum of vintage tins and kitchen wear. The collections goes on for ever….


And yes, I frequently make contributions to the tin collection! That’s how Willem Alexander and Maxima got up there on a shelf in a Karoo kitchen, sharing space with Glen and Five Roses Tea.

TinsWAenMax And just in case you don’t know who I’m talking about…..

It’s the blond guy who’s going to become the Dutch King within the very near future. On April 30 to be exact and I hope to publish this blog before then!

The world of royalty had been saved though, the day he married the every so friendly and warm hearted Argentine girl who also dresses really well – so at least we’ll have some eye-candy to keep ourselves busy during all the goings on of the inauguration!

But then I have a few ideas of my own of what one can do with tins! And putting them up on shelf is not one of them!

The more I play around with tin the more I grow to like the results.

This necklace was made out of a Gulpener beer bottle cap and then decorated with an old South African postage stamp. Similar to what I’ve done with this necklace. The dutch text ‘zoo ‘n beetje ondeugend’ was cut from the same children’s book as that of the pink bird necklace and means ‘a little bit naughty’.


I recently also finished a La Chouffe beer bottle cap necklace to go with the La Chouffe earrings I made a while ago.


The necklace and earrings will be listed in the Tin Tin Treasures section of my Etsy shop.

Or view more photos of my Tin Tin collection here on my website.


PS So, you now know exactly what to do with your old tins!! I hope!

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