It's happened again! Winter! It always does! Every year! And just when I think that I'd rather not live through another one, it gets so breathtakingly beautiful!


This is what I woke up to just a week ago! The back garden where I spent so much time planting and weeding and then, without me having to move a finger, it turned into this wonderful winter wonderland! Even though I still think that my soul belongs where the sun shines more often, I so enjoy the beautiful white surroundings on a day like this. Unfortunately it did not last long, but we still have the photos to re-live the moments.


Being who I am, constantly busy thinking about and designing jewelry, I decided to go through my photo library and pick out a few designs from the past which I think so perfectly fits in with the winter theme.


These two pendants were made quite a few years ago, when setting stones was really difficult! And at a time when proper soldering was still an almost impossible task! The flattened wire curls of the design on the left, ended up melting here and there but I just refused to do it all over again.

The baroque design on the right took ages to complete and is still one of the pieces I’m proudest about. I still love the design, but would like to change the chain it hangs from to something less fragile, maybe incorporating fresh water pearl and garnet beads.


These earrings are also from quite a few years ago. Bending and soldering the flattened wire for the design at the top, also took ages and today I ask myself how come I made things so difficult back then! But may be that is where I learnt to limit the use of wire soldering when ever possible!



With these I experimented with silver granules for the first time and made it as a gift to a dear friend. They remind my of hours of hand-sanding and hand-polishing from times before I bought my first Dremel! (Which now desperately needs to be replaced!)


And to end this blog, just a little something which is so typically dutch! The neighbour from across the street left her bicycle outside last friday night and it then also turned into something quite spectacular!


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