Wood x 5

Wood! Wonderful to work with! This all started with an art school project. The assignment was to make a piece of jewelry using wood and rivets.

As normally is the case, I was not immediately inspired and chose to rather carry on working on a few other pieces and making a few extra items to stock round Christmas time. But I did carry around a piece of wood in my toolbox and it eventually started growing on me. I especially liked the contrast in color of the dark bark and the lighter shade of the wood itself.


And then, quite a while after everyone else has completed their pieces and at a moment when I had nothing else to do, I started sawing out a ring. I was right there and then totally carried away by how soft and easy the wood is to work with. And how the appearance was enhanced when I started sanding. This was more or less the moment when I got totally inspired and decided to use the full piece of wood to make a small series of rings.


The shape of the piece of wood lead to the shape of the rings and I wanted to incorporate the contrasting dark bark into the designs.


I decided to use bits of silver from my growing stash of ‘off-cuts and disasters’. And eventually also included cameo and carnelian because I really like the warm colors and contrasting textures.


I totally love the feeling of the wood when I slip one of these on my finger. So light and such a lovely idea of having a little bit of nature wrapped around your finger!!


And since there is always a little bit of sadness about the wood having been a happily growing tree in the past, let’s treasure the idea of the tiny silver balls representing teardrops shed by the tree.


This was it then. The one about the 5 wooden rings. Another series of designs which sort of happened all by it self!


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  1. H like Heidrun February 17, 2013

    Lose my comment …

    Love your very Fine Artworks … Heidrun

  2. henriette February 17, 2013

    Thank you so much Heidrun!! Would love to be blogged about on your lovely blog!

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