Inspired by nature's wild flower garden
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Silver rings

Big, bold and colourful. Comfortable for everyday wear or totally impractical but a feast for the eyes!

Mixed media

Super lightweight sherbet shades or just wonderfully weird for those out of the box days.


Triggered a long time ago by the ever so cute La Chouffe dwarf and ever since I enjoy dreaming up and making jewellery using recycled beer bottle caps, tins and scrap wire.

Silver pendants or necklaces

Brighten up your neckline. Why not wear your make-up around your neck?

Silver Earrings

Bohemian style, dangling from your earlobes. Or smaller to just put on and forget about.


The results of my experiments to create unique, colourful and interesting enameled pieces.

My Jewelry

My designs are mainly experimental. I love how silver feels between my fingers and what I can turn the metal into. Adding colour to everyday life is what I was put on earth to do! In my jewellery I do that by combining a variety of materials, colours and textures aiming to create pieces that are weirdly wonderful.
The gallery
Between everyday things – the house, the job, traveling the world - I need to always return to my creative space. A day is not a good day without at least a little bit of designing, drawing or melting metals.
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