Recycled Desperados beer cap earrings with rolled tin, clay and glass beads



A pair of bottle cap earrings made out of the recycled caps of Desperados beer (Green, ginger flavoured).
The botte caps have been flattened, hammered and lightly oxidized.
Sharp edges have been sanded to a smooth finish.
The backs were painted with patina and the tin has been coated in a protective layer.
The leaves hang from oxidized and wire wrapped wires, decorated with clay and glass beads.
New in these are the hand rolled tin beads.

Hangs approximately 90 mm from bend of ear wire

Earwires are sterling silver

Although the tin is coated in a protective layer, it might still rust or damage if it gets too wet.
Also note that these recycled materials may damage light coloured of loosely woven clothing.


Additional information

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 90 mm